How to stay healthy during the summer holiday

Summer holiday is a time to relax, recharge, and to discover new things. The new environment could make you uneasy about eating if you are trying to stay on top of the healthy eating game.

Eating out every day and lounging on the beach is undoubtedly what we deserve after long months of labor. While a week of different diet won't have an impact on your overall health status, but it could affect your bowel habits.

I would like to start by saying that the key is fiber and movement. Missing out on all those fruits, veggies and nuts or seeds can easily lead to constipation after a few days of holiday. A “not happy gut” could impact your well-being, mood or even your immune system.

I have a few tips for you to use while away to make sure your gut gets to enjoy the holiday as much as you do:

  1. Buy some easily edible fruits that you can take to the beach with you like apple, banana or plum. Make sure these are properly washed especially if you are in an exotic country. Traveler’s diarrhea is common which can be caused by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.
  2. No matter what you order at the restaurant, order a salad on the side. This way you don’t have to give up on your favourite holiday food, plus you get to nibble on some veggies.
  3. Try to do some exercise to break a whole day of laying. It might not be 10.000 steps or an intense CrossFit workout, but swimming or walking could make a huge difference too.
  4. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Get a 2 L bottle for the day and make sure you finish it by the end. Holidays often entails more alcoholic beverages, in these cases it’s even more important to hydrate with water.


From a nutrition psychology point of view what happens if that people tend to overeat or binge on their vacation. It’s due either because of the loads of new exciting food or because they had restrictions on their diet prior to holiday. Overeating or binging can cause digestive issues too such as bloating, extra gas and discomfort. Practicing mindfulness can help you prevent these symptoms.

In practice that entails; slow and conscious eating, properly chewed food and listening to your body signals when it’s enough - the latter is probably the most difficult when food is unlimitedly available.

In summary, holidays are there to unwind and relax. Getting a break from our everyday routine could be just as blissful as painful sometimes. In order to prevent uncomfortable symptoms, we need to practice a little mindfulness and put some effort into maintaining our health.

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