What you eat can affect your mood.

While there is no certain food that can make you happy in the long run, an overall healthy and balanced diet plays a big role in creating your well-being and mood. This theory has also been proven by a study in Australia.

In the SMILES trial, people diagnosed with depression were “treated” with a Mediterranean-style diet for 12 weeks and found that this group had a better improvement in their depressive symptoms than those who received only therapeutic counseling.(1)

What is the Mediterranean diet like?

The Mediterranean-style diet reflects the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries mostly southern Italy, Spain and Greece.

Plant-based, which means that plant-derived proteins are preferred to animal-derived proteins (meat). It also has plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, whole grains and oily seeds. They regularly consume fish and other seafood. Plant based fats are preferred, primarily olive oil is used for cooking and also raw. Instead of adding too much salt, they use more spices and herbs to flavor the food. Lower consumption of dairy products, mainly present in processed form such as cheese and yogurt.

The description of the diet is very close to the international recommendations so it’s a good direction to aim to. Many components in it contribute towards your well-being including “healthy” fats, polyphenols, dietary fibre or simply the richness in many vitamins and minerals.

Almost without exception, there is a quality change in an individual's well-being when they start eating more vegetables and fruits. One of the reasons for this lies in our guts. The Mediterranean diet describes a diet higher in dietary fiber than the one most of us consumes day by day. Statistics show that at the population level, we all consume less fiber than what we “should”. Fibers have a beneficial effect on our gut bacteria in the large intestines, which can indirectly affect our mood. Furthermore, fiber plays a very important role not only in digestive health but also in the absorption of fats and sugars. Therefore it also contributes to prevention of cardiovascular- and other metabolic diseases.

At Fresh by Terra, our Trio menus are plant-based and we make sure that there is a colorful selection of vegetables and fruits in all of our dishes to offer your a balanced choice that fits in your healthy diet.


1. https://bmcmedicine.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12916-017-0791-y

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